Playing games with a single switch

This talk, titled AAC, Gaming and Independence, was given by Colin McDonnell and Paula Spencer as part of the Communication Matters International AAC Conference in September 2019.

Colin and Paula have both long been involved in accessible gaming. The William Merritt Centre where Colin volunteers and Paula used to work, are valued supporters of SpecialEffect and GameBlast.

0:01 – Introduction (inc. “The Lost Boys” club)
4:54 – Why do we play games?
5:24 – Why is gaming important to Colin
6:12 – The F-words of AAC and gaming
8:31 – VIDEO 1: Colin, a single-switch user, he explains how he plays games in a team . Also how he can play independently with games such as Mario Kart and Tiger Woods PGA Tour using a single switch connected to a laptop running the “One Switch Pulse” system.
17:40 – What difference has gaming made to you?

The video also covers:
18:56 – Competencies for using AAC
21:51 – VIDEO 2: How Colin uses single switch access to operate his iPhone. Switch scanning access to some iPhone games is also demonstrated.
36:54 – Why is the iPhone important to you?
37:43 – What the Occupational Therapist saw
41:04 – VIDEO 3 William Merritt Centre
43:12 – Summary and last Video.

If interested in replicating any of these gaming systems, please do get in touch.

William Merritt GameBlast 18 photo in support of SpecialEffect.

Colin McDonnell pictured left with Paula Spencer behind.