Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit

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so fundamentally at lunch that we

believe life is more fun when you play

so as a result we think everyone should

be able to enjoy the joys of play so

Microsoft’s is super close partner of

ours so when they came and they said hey

we’re working on something in the

accessibility space we can’t tell you

what it is but could you please support

us we knew we just had to do the right

thing it was really very very

invigorating to find out that like we

had you know a partner that was just as

excited about this as we were logitech

has really understood really quickly

from the very beginning what we were

trying to do and you know we all kind of

feel the same way about how we want to

empower gamers with disabilities we

started to talk about how Logitech could

participate in this ecosystem when we

first met Bryce and we saw the Xbox

adaptive controller we’re just blown

away and that inspired us to go on this

journey with them

the development of the adaptive

controller you know by Xbox and

Microsoft is definitely a huge statement

from these companies gaming in general

allows the social integration that we

all desire while the Xbox adaptive

controller has helped us a leap forward

alone it’s just the starting point so we

first started looking at the Xbox

adaptive controller we realized it was

just the beginning and there is a bunch

of different peripherals and gear that

you had to buy to really unlock its full

capabilities this is something we really

had you know a responsibility to to do

and be well so what logitech has done is

basically empowered people by creating a

ton of new switching button options for

them and it’s really going to open up

gaming for a lot of people


the adaptive gaming kit was designed for

the Xbox adaptive controller it’s a set

of large buttons small buttons and light

touch buttons and even variable trigger

control is that they can plug in in the

pattern they like in the way they like

and then arranged on their chair our how

can loop boards there’s unlimited ways

they could use and that’s just inspired

the whole team Microsoft tested it with

us in their labs we’ve tested it in the

field with many many users seeing people

play and seeing the happiness that they

can just get lost in the game again is


there’s over 46 million gamers with

disabilities in America alone who would

just like to play we just need a little

bit of help doing it so the adaptive

gaming kid will be the difference

between playing or not playing at all

the most exciting thing to me was just

how beautiful it was seeing something

made for disabled players that fits in

with other Logitech equipment is just it

shows that disabled players just as big

gamers as anyone that’s not disabled the

adaptive gaming kit will mean a sense of

independence it allows you to be able to

put it together just like any other

standard controller and allows you to

tailor to your experience the

opportunity to play these lives for the

first time with tech like this it really

is a feeling of liberation just because

you see us in the chair just because it

might be a quad it doesn’t mean that we

not a be I’m able to play games so I’m

not limited like I was before makes you

feel a little less special

one of the things that our lab has

actually been discovering is that it’s

not just that games get you to perform

lots and lots of repetitions that help

you to recover it’s also the fact that

you’re having fun while you’re doing it

fun actually modulates

the outcome of your therapy and it’s

really important for neurological

recovery so I’m really proud of the team

that watch takes you for the work they

did on this but I’m really also thankful

for all of our partners because we

couldn’t have done it without them

Microsoft the folks at special effect

the team of the abilities Research

Center at Mount Sinai and the folks at

AbleGamers they really helped us a lot

and I appreciate their support online

you can’t see the fact that I’m in the

wheelchair you can’t see the fact that

I’m using an adaptive controlling what

you see is another habit all in the game

playing doing exactly the same thing

you’re doing now this adaptive

controller definitely levels the field

some super proud of what we achieved but

on the other hand we should have been

doing this alright so I just want people

to know that we’re not just going to be

one and done here you know this is the

beginning of the journey and it’s just

the start



Logitech announced their Adaptive Gaming Kit today. They describe the kit as “a collection of high performance, durable buttons and triggers for the Xbox Adaptive Controller to unlock the possibilities of play. Logitech G worked with different accessibility organizations to develop a comprehensive set of controls for ultimate configurability and flexibility.”

Photo showing one of each size of switches on the supplied Rigid hook and loop Game Board. The switches have stickers denoting which input they are performing (A, B, X and RT).
The Adaptive Gaming Kit includes a range of switches and mounting options

The kit includes:

  • Small Buttons x3
  • Large Buttons x3
  • Variable Triggers x2
  • Light Touch Buttons x 4
  • Rigid hook and loop Game Board
  • Flexible hook and loop Game Board
  • Label Sheets x 2
  • Hook and loop attachment stickers
  • Hook and loop ties
  • User documentation

Switches are a vital part of the bank of equipment we use at SpecialEffect, which our occupational therapists and technical specialists carefully position and combine with other inputs such as joysticks, gamepads or voice controls to create customised gaming set ups during assessments for our Loan Library Project.

Full information can be found on the Logitech website (unafilliated link): https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/gamepads/adaptive-gaming-kit-accessories.html