Game Accessibility Conference (GAconf) EU 2019

On Monday the 21st October , the IGDA GASIG hosted the following talks, panels and readings all on game accessibility, as part of GAconf EU 2019 in London. Delve in below (expect some swearing) for some fascinating insight:

1:30 – (9am) Opening

4:28 – (9:10am) The New Normal – Ian Hamilton, independent
43:47 – (9:50am) Rallying the Troops: Battle-Tested Strategies for Recruiting Accessibility Allies – Brannon Zahand, Microsoft

1:50:00 – (11:50am) Inclusion Through Design Sprints – Tara Voelker, Mixer
2:31:30 – (11:30am) Bringing Accessibility to Everyone in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Matte Wagner & Patrick Görtjes, Ubisoft
3:10:00 – (12:10pm) Grounded in Neurodiversity: Accounting for the Invisible – Shell Little, Steven Woodgate, Cherry Thompson, Jamie Knight

5:03:04 – (2pm) Audio Description: Seeing Videogame Narrative Through Sound – SightlessKombat, independent
5:22:00 – (2:25pm) Design Considerations for Players Using Voice Commands – VoicedGaming, independent
5:41:07 – (2:50pm) Accessibility as a Design Pillar – Johny Wallbank, Team Cats & Bears
6:00:37 – (3:15pm) Reg – Barrie Ellis, SpecialEffect

7:03:30 – (4pm) Championing Accessibility in Any Organisation – Gareth Ford-Williams, BBC
7:41:07 – (4:40pm) Blind Button Masher – Dr Amy Kavanagh, independent
8:23:10 – (5:20pm) Included by Adaptation or Design – Andrew Bromilow, Everyone Can

8:55:28Thanks – Ian Hamilton, independent
8:57:55Closing Comments – Dr Jo Twist OBE, UKIE

Third row view of the IGDA GASIG Game Accessibility conference stage, in London.